Tuesday, 6 December 2011

dear heart...
stop aching
painful heart is life torturing
regarding SOCRATES law
S (site) - heart
O (onset) - about 3 months ago
C (characteristic) - dull aching, throbbing, pricking, colicky, burning,
R (radiation) - all over the body
A (associated symptoms) - non stop tearing, unable to do anything due to unstable emotions
T (timing) - continuous
E (exaggerating and relieving factor) - increased when thinking of the matter especially when being left alone
released when doing something such as diary-story-telling
S (severity) - 10/10 pain score. very much severe! i seriously mean it! evidenced by very much interfering daily activities and mind torturing!

dear God.. please lead me the way..
to the better life
no more pain and tears
laughs and joy
please help me dissolve the pain to laughters
start the healing process by primary intention so that it wont leave scars
let the mmories remain good indeed.
its easy to fall for it but its tricky to grab it for real
its like playing
its tiring.

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