Saturday, 21 January 2012

to my love

im grateful for u
to giv me another day to live
to breathe ur air
to see ur sunshine
to feel ur breeze
the prove of ur love for me
im so grateful for wat u have given me..
i want to love u
more than anything else in the world
i want to be faithful
u own my heart, my soul, my life, my body
i want to feel u next to me
listen to me
every moment
each second i inhale
each heartbeat
i want to say ur name
i want the tears only remind me of u
missing u
longing for u
please stay with me
coz i need u so badly
i want this love grows even more
i dun want to lose this grateful gift from u
the peace
the promises
please lead me ur way
my dear, Allah s.w.t

hoping for a brighter day...

okee..2 days being left alone kat maidam nih..mungkin ade me some space for think..cos there are many things to be taken into is not as easy as i thought..its tough..real, i need to be a lot tougher to handle it..supertough...erkk,, xbest laa..supermott jgk best...hehe..alright dear??? soooo...kite enjoyyyy!!! cam xde kaitan di situ..huhu..takpelah...


ekceli nak bgtaw kat sume nih...yg saya....sgt lah x saba menunggu ketibaan my lovely mom as lovely as her daughter surely..haha..dearie bro n little2 nephew...yeahh..theyre heading here..departed 2 mins ago..hahaha..cpt n slmt smpai ye..nak pelok ketat2!!! rindu sgt!!!

tapi kan..i tell u..sometimes boredom has its positive side..yesterday juz cant believe da basuh sume baju kat lam loker tuh! handwash oke?? da kemas bilik! kak nitti cpt balik tgk bilik kite da shiny2 glitter2..haha..even wash up my shoes..seingat saye lah basuh kasut nih zaman skolah dodulu je rajin..pastu hampeh..ermm..bace buku..oke, adekah esk exm?? i rarely open books unless wen the exams coming.haha.
weird huh? well.. thanks to boredom and loneliness..mak haruslah berbangga dgn anak mak nih.. =.=

ermm..wat to do next??
mungkin tido???
oh having sleep disturbances these 2 days..cant sleep well..terjage tgh malam..tido x lena pon..huhu..xnak lah tido...its boring wen u wake up and found out ure alone...

oke laa..nak g plih baju nak hang out ngn mak ptg niii... *wink3*

Friday, 20 January 2012


sacrifaction..everyone can say it..not many can do it..yeah..its always for the worries my dear self..ure a strong little girl..u hav Him indeed.yes, u more tears coz He loves u.